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What’s the difference between an Islamic State and Democracy?

What’s the difference between an Islamic State and Democracy?

In an Islamic state, the leader is obliged by the Quran to run the affairs of the people using ‘Shura’ (consultation). He is elected based upon confidence to lead, not on his policies, because he is obliged to derive laws based upon the Quran and Sunnah – and has no option to not implement the clear laws contained therein, even if not convenient – which include protections for people’s rights.


In a Democracy, the leaders are not obliged to consult the people in running the affairs (nor fulfil their promises). They derive laws from what is convenient, and may (and do) take away people’s rights using that justification (e.g. ‘its for security…’ or ‘the majority want it against you and the minority’).


In Islam, the leader remains in power until he becomes unjust or incompetent.


In Democracy, the leader remains in power despite being unjust or incompetent, and may get elected again if he can lie to the people to persuade them he is the lesser of two evils.


In an Islamic State, the leader’s position is secure, and can’t be bullied, controlled or bossed around by corporations, lobby groups and rich businessmen – and so remains independent to pursue his conscience.


In a Democracy, the leader is dependent on money from corporations, lobby groups and rich businessmen, to fund his re-election campaigns, and fund his party.


Islam protects your rights, even when its not convenient.


Democracy gives you your rights, until its not convenient.


Islam demands rulers seek your opinion, and not make false promises and lies to get your vote every four years.


In Democracy, the leaders seek your vote, not your opinion.


In 1786 the French Ambassador in Istanbul, Count de Choiseul-Gouffier, wrote a letter back to King Louis XVI expressing frustration at waiting upon decisions from the Ottoman Caliphs, because he didn’t dictate decisions like European Kings did:


“Here things are not as in France where the king is sole master and does as he pleases. Here the sultan has to consult. He has to consult with the former holders of high offices, with the leaders of various groups and so on. And this is a slow process.”


and finally,


An Islamic State is based upon sovereignty to the Creator, who doesn’t change his mind, it not prone to prejudice, bigotry or ignorance.


Democracy, is based upon sovereignty of the Individual, who does change their mind, is prone to prejudice, bigotry and ignorance.


Who would you like to rule you?


Source: – What’s the difference between an Islamic State and Democracy?


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