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Charlie Hebdo: Beyond Secular Ideology

January 15, 2015 |

The Charlie Hebdo incident and the subsequent discussion around terrorism has to be understood from the perspective of those who are spearheading it.


The US Secretary of State John Kerry remarked that last … Read More

There’s no reason to celebrate the UK Palestine vote

October 15, 2014 |

Certainly it was gratifying to hear so many MPs criticise Israel yesterday during the six-hour House of Commons debate, especially for its settlement policies on stolen land.


And it was also wonderful to see so … Read More

Hajj Season: the Spiritual and Political Ascent

October 1, 2014 |

Labbaika Allahumma labbaik!

Abdullah bin ‘Umar narrated that the Talbiya of Allah’s Messenger: “I respond to Your call O Allah, I respond to Your call, and I am obedient to Your orders, You have no partner, I respond … Read More

Opinion: Islam IS an ideology: Response to Sheikh Hamza Yusuf

February 11, 2014 |

Sheikh Hamza Yusuf recently made a Facebook status update that said the following:


“Islam is not an ideology, political or otherwise. It is a revelation from God that explains and reminds people of their duties … Read More

Muslims and the Secular Crusade

January 11, 2014 |

The Muslim world survived the Crusades of Christendom, but did it survive Secularism?


The Year is 1303, Arwad Island, the last Crusader outpost in the Levant (Al Sham) has fallen to the victorious forces of … Read More

Atheists and Secularists, and the ‘pandora’s box argument’

January 10, 2014 |

Atheists and Secularists argue that mixing religion with politics opens up the door (or pandora’s box) to the possibility of fanatics with insane interpretations of religion, taking power and oppressing and killing millions domestically or via foreign policy. … Read More