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A sincere open letter to Russell Brand

October 25, 2013 |

Russell Brand: ‘I’ve never voted, never will’


I very much enjoyed your interview with Jeremy Paxman, it was honest and more importantly it was required. I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiment that democracy as a system has … Read More

BBC and Rageh Omaar: Partners in historical propaganda

October 21, 2013 |

A friend commented: “It took centuries for the political decline of the Muslim empire and sometimes our emotional and sometimes crazy brothers and sisters think it will take 5 minutes to reverse” – the sort of reaction the … Read More

Rageh Omaar’s The Ottomans: Fairly positive with some tired stereotypes

October 13, 2013 |

Zafer Iqbal says Rageh Omaar’s BBC series about the Ottomans was fairly positive for once although it did repeat some tired revisionist stereotypes.


“On the edge of Europe is a city that was once the … Read More

A Game of Two Halfs: Racism & Fascism

October 12, 2013 |

Jack Wilshere says only English players should play for England


Only English people should play football for England, midfielder Jack Wilshere has said. Manchester United’s Adnan Januzaj could play for England from 2018 under Fifa’s five-year residency … Read More