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Quantum Mechanics and Heisenbergs Uncertainty Principle

Quantum Mechanics and Heisenbergs Uncertainty Principle
Sharif Abu Laith

The basic proposition is that energy and therefore matter (matter being concentrated energy that exhibits mass) cannot be subdivided into ever smaller pieces but has a basic unit called the quanta. So energy goes from a lower state to a higher state in discreet steps. Like a staircase rather than a ramp. And the steps are called quanta.


Furthermore observations of subatomic particles establishes (so the current science determines) that both the position and the speed cannot be accurately determined.


Why is this important. Well a famous French philosopher named Laplace explained that if we could know the position and speed of every particle in the universe then we could know every possible outcome in the universe ie the universe is completely deterministic.


Eg imagine a pool table and the balls lined up, if I knew the position of every ball and I knew how quick the cue ball was hit into the pack of balls then I could determine where every position of the balls would travel to.


According to Laplace because the universe is simply a product of particles, their movement and position we can therefore predict exactly what would happen. In fact this establishes that humans don’t have free will because as humans we are simply particles with a position and movement and thus resulting in various reactions. That’s according to Laplace.

However on the quantum level there is no way of establishing the position and speed of a subatomic particle.


Eg if we can never know the position and speed of every ball on the pool table. Therefore we can’t predict what would happen and where the balls would travel too once they’ve been hit. That is to say I don’t know where the cue ball is being hit from, nor can I know at what speed and similarly I don’t know where the pack of reds are nor what speed they’ll be travelling at to predict where they will end up.


Therefore if the macro level (ie big real world observations) are made up of non deterministic particles then why does the macro level follow predictable patterns. Eg water at room conditions always boiling at 100 degrees C?


So if the quantum level is non deterministic (doesn’t follow a predictable pattern) then macro level observations shouldn’t also follow a predictable pattern. But yet they do!!


The quantum physicists use a multiverse model to claim that every possible position and speed is played out in an infinite number of universes thus explaining why we see a predictable pattern in this universe. Ie in other universe the macro level observations would be different.


But we just said that an infinite number of finite things is a rational impossibility. Hence this cannot be used to explain the predictable pattern on the macro level even though its made up of non predicable quantum level interactions.


Some physicists claim that actually there is no causality and its just coincidence. But by denying causality they’ve denied the scientific methodology that is premised on the assumption of causality. See for further explanations here


Furthermore they use this claim that quantum level events are acausal (ie don’t have a cause) to claim the Big Bang is acausal (ie doesn’t require a cause). Because the Big Bang was a quantum level event.


However such a claim denies causality which we said is required as a premise for scientific thinking.


Basically if they use quantum level events to deny completely causality then they deny the science that determines this observation so it’s self refuting.


That means the only explanation is that the cause is not materialistic ie non materialistic beyond the universe that gives the universe it’s predictable pattern. What we say is a Murajih ie a determinant is required to determine the properties and patterns we see in macro level observations. Ie Allah swt has to determine every event we witness within the universe. That is we live in a universe thats held together and maintained constantly by Allah swt (subhanallah!!) This was something explained by our scholars hundreds of years earlier eg imam Juwainy and imam Ghazali.


By Sharif Abu Laith


Source: Sharif Abu Laith’s Blog – Quantum Mechanics and Heisenbergs Uncertainty Principle.


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