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King Abdullah: Khaadim of Haramain or Khaadim of America?

King Abdullah: Khaadim of Haramain or Khaadim of America?

The Awakening, The Realisation & The Death of Fear

The unprecedented uprisings we see across the Muslim world signify that the struggle between Haq and Baatil in the pages of history has never left the Quranic narrative. We find ourselves watching the awakening of our Ummah unfold in front of our eyes and the birth of a new Middle East, where glimpses of our Ummah returning to her rightful position in the world are foreseeable. The spread of this momentous feeling reverberating through our Ummah felt when Tunisia’s President Ben Ali was forced to resign and eventually flee the country was only equalled by the dramatic changes in Egypt that culminated in the mass demonstrations in Tahrir Square. Such resolve resulted in the end of the 30 year tyrannical reign of Hosni Mubarak, the Pharaoh of our times. These events have exposed the rulers to be at best self serving dictators and at worst slaves to American foreign policy. We have realised that the iron curtain between our Ummah and her destiny are the rulers and, as a result, that every ruler in the Muslim world is illegitimate. For most of us it seems that we have waited our whole lives to witness the rising up of our beloved Ummah of Muhammad (SAW), and realisation of the ability to change our condition within our nations by changing the condition within ourselves as an Ummah. Allah (SWT) says:

“Verily, Allah does not change the condition of a people until they change what is within themselves.” (TMQ Surah Ar-Raad)

The embers of hope and the desire for change in Tunisia have blown across the Middle East and are spreading like wildfire across Egypt; a pending transfer of power in Yemen; a civil war in Libya; an uprising in Syria; major protests in Turkey, Algeria, Armenia, Bahrain, Djibouti, Iraq, Jordan, Morocco and Oman; and minor protests in Azerbaijan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, Sudan. The common factors that typify all of these rulers in the recent uprisings are an absence of rule of law; for example their abuse of power to maintain their stay in authority; imprisonment and torture of political figures, scholars and young activists who desire change, maldistribution of wealth, an economy riddled in debt and interest. Also the foreign policies are formulated to meet the requirements of the domestic policy of the West; and the ruling families benefitting from the vast wealth stolen from our Ummah. And in this regard how is the monarchical rule of King Abdullah Ibn Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud any different? In fact, behind the empty slogans calling for Islamic orthodoxy, the Saudi Arabian royal family are the same as any other Western backed dictators. We could be forgiven for thinking all was well if we judged the plight of the Muslims living in Tunisia, Egypt or Libya based on our limited experiences visiting holiday/tourist resort areas – but the reality cannot be more different. In the same vein, we should not be fooled into judging the dire situation of our brothers and sisters in Saudi Arabia based on the upkeep or development of the Two Holy Mosques (Haramain) by King Abdullah without considering the complete betrayal of our Muslim Ummah by the Saudi Arabia regime. In a discussion with the US, Saudi Arabian King Abdullah said, “We (the U.S. and Saudi Arabia) spilled blood together in Kuwait and Iraq”, the King continued, “and Saudi Arabia valued this tremendously.” Such statements could not be more contrasting to the Hadith of Rasulullah (SAW). Indeed, the sacred value attributed to the blood of a Muslim in relation to the House of Allah (SWT) is best articulated by our beloved Prophet (SAW):

“One drop of a Muslim blood is worth more than the Ka’bah and its surroundings.” (Bukhari and Muslim).

The attempt to Crush hope & Abdullah’s Custodianship

The Saudi family are the crowning of all dictators in the Muslim lands; even now King Abdullah continues to subdue, kill and crush the hopes of the Ummah of Muhammad (SAW) not only in Saudi Arabia but in his support of other criminals who rule over Muslim lands. It seems King Abdullah found a kindred spirit in accepting Ben Ali who has 18 legal cases that have been prepared against him, including ”conspiring against the state, voluntary manslaughter and drug use and trafficking”. Interpol froze the assets of Ben Ali and his family. Ben Ali is accused of ordering security forces to crack down on the revolt that began in mid-December which resulted in the death of 219 people during the Tunisian uprising. Why was a man who in his own country forcefully implemented Kufr laws and oppressed our Muslim sisters by banning the Hijab, given an open embrace and provided sanctuary in the holiest of lands? Why has the Saudi Arabia Regime allowed the Hijaz to become a sanctuary for US soldiers and despotic rulers?

When Mubarak saw his fate going the same way as Ben Ali, a government source in Riyadh commented that “Mubarak and King Abdullah are not just allies, they are close friends, and the King is not about to see his friend cast aside and humiliated”. In a Saturday telephone conversation with Mubarak, King Abdullah provided some words of comfort, he then continued to brand the protesters as “intruders” and said, “Saudi Arabia stands with all its power with the government and people of Egypt” i.e. President Mubarak and his paid supporters. It was support that could be bought which was not beyond Mubarak’s budget as he was in receipt of 1.5 billion US dollars a year in ‘aid’ that went straight into his family’s coffers, courtesy of America. The brief falling out between King Abdullah and President Obama over President Obama turning against long lasting allies was swiftly reconciled when they made a joint offer to President Ali Abdullah of Yemen to take immunity after 32 years of malfeasance in office, self enrichment and oppressive rule. The military support to Bahrain’s ironically named King Hamad bin Isa ‘Al-Khalifa’ was a further betrayal of our Ummah by King Abdullah, who trusts American hospitals with his life and yet helps detain and interrogate doctors who treat the wounded protestors. Bahraini government forces backed by Saudi Arabian troops have been cracking down hard on demonstrators since the unrest began on 15 February. Our Prophet (SAW) reminds us:

“The believers, in their love, mutual kindness, and close ties, are like one body; when any part complains, the whole body responds to it with wakefulness and fever.” (Muslim)

“The Muslim Ummah is a unique Ummah among the whole of mankind: Their Land is One, their War is One, their Peace is One, their Honour is One and their Trust is One.” (Ahmed)

Muslim brotherhood and unity is not a slogan, it is a bond that defines who we ally with, who we support, who we are harsh with and who we are gentle with. Without doubt, rulers like King Abdullah will be held to account for their fraternisation of despotic rulers and US Presidents. It’s clear that King Abdullah is one of the greatest advocates for the world’s most oppressive dictators, which suggests that his independent political decisions are arguably more in servitude to American foreign policy than the decisions he makes with America’s blessing. King Abdullah make this clear in his statement: “Friendship can be a difficult issue that requires work, but the U.S. and Saudi Arabia have done it for 70 years over three generations. Our disagreements don’t cut to the bone.”

Oil For The Enemy, Zamzam For The Muslims

King Abdullah is the most intimate and most loyal of allies to the US and used his veneer of Islamic legitimacy to get away with murder. Allah (SWT) has blessed our Ummah with blessing the land in Saudi Arabia with one of the largest reserves of oil in the world in what was destined by Allah (SWT) to be Muslim land. How is the rizq of Allah (SWT) utilised?  It is with the current US President that we see the continuation of the role Khaadim of America and to signify this King Abdullah adorns President Obama with a gold necklace which King Abdullah named ‘The King Abdullah order of merit.’ He also gave a ruby and diamond jewellery set, including earrings, a ring, a bracelet and necklace, worth $132,000 to the First Lady Michelle Obama to show our Ummah how generously he gives when our Ummah is paying for it with their blood. King Abdullah was previously seen walking hand in hand with George Bush while discussing the lowering of the price of crude oil at our Ummah’s expense. King Abdullah, like his predecessors has been the 24 hour custodian of oil as America’s petrol station when the US Army refuelled their fighter jets to bomb Iraq in the Gulf war and is happily allowing this service to continue since the Iraq invasion. The complicit nature of King Abdullah in the shedding of Muslim blood and funding and providing military support to dictators who point their weapons at their own Muslim citizens is made even worse by King Abdullah’s panoply of jewellery gifted to the US President. With King Abdullah’s showering President Obama with crude displays of affection and selling of cheap oil he is selling out this Ummah’s resources whilst literally fuelling the hostility towards Muslims around the world by siding with the US and their anti-Islamic, anti-Tawhid oppressive puppet rulers in the Middle East. How then can anyone claim that the King is upon Tawhid? How can anyone love, revere, respect and praise him instead of desiring his removal? The relationship between the contaminant Saudi Arabia regimes’ unfettered loyalty to the West and the purity of the Two Holy Mosques are like oil and water: despite their efforts they will never mix.

It was narrated that Aisha (RA) said: “The Messenger of Allah (SAW) said: ‘O Uthman, if Allah places you in authority over this matter someday (as the Khalifah) and the hypocrites want to rid you of the garment with which Allah has clothed you (i.e. the position of Khalifah), do not take it off.’ He said that three times.” (Ibn Majah – graded Sahih; Tirmidhi)

Conversely King Abdullah robes himself with such self-aggrandizing honorifics as ‘Khaadim of Haramain’, ‘His Majesty’ and ‘The King’. The Saudi Arabia King has robed himself with self-appointed power and authority under false notions of Islamic legitimacy. Only the government and ministers are able to recognise and justify such titles and look at the Saudi Arabia King with such emblematic awe so as to believe in their legitimacy. The misunderstanding most of us have regarding Saudi Arabia stems from the sensitivity we have about the Holy Land being a place that is so close to our hearts as Muslims, and is visited by every able Muslim for Hajj throughout the world and therefore difficult sometimes to disentangle the Saudi Regime and the Symbols of Islam. This the Saudi Arabia Regimes use of soft power, through its publishing House with many books including the Quran and Sahih Bukhari with parts of the commentary missing that do not sit well with the Saudi Arabia Regime. We must not allow the enamoured feeling of reverence we feel when laying our eyes on the House of Allah (SWT) blind us from the speaking puppets that have replaced the silent idols that surround the Ka’bah, namely the Saudi Arabia puppet regime.

It is amongst this feeling of religiosity they slip in symbols of the Saudi Arabia Kingdom that are bordering on sacrilegious and at the very least a distasteful self promotion and often in a high and mighty manner. They have a strange penchant for towering above the known Islamic symbols of Islam and quite literally try to weave themselves into the fabric of Islam. Even in Hajj you cannot even pray towards the Qibla without being reminded of the betrayal of the Saudi Arabia regime as the Kiswa (cloth of the Ka’bah) has the name of the King printed on it stating ‘Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Abdullah Ibn Abdul Aziz Al-Saud’.

Selling Out, Big Business Under The Pretext Of ‘Expanding The Mosque’

Under the thin veneer of Islamic legitimacy, Saudi Arabia is in reality socially Islamic in appearance and politically secular yet a handful of scholars come out and defend King Abdullah and the antics of his family. It is well known how the Saudi Arabia princes are in knee deep in fraudulent land deals, haram financial activity with pastimes consisting of drinking, clubbing and womanising and yet nothing is done to bring these Princes to account. It’s clear that there seems to be one law for the Prince and one law for the Pauper.

The Ka’bah, which has maintained its firm spot as the centre of Tawhid (belief in the oneness of Allah), since its initial construction by Prophet Ibrahim (AS) is shrinking before our very eyes. Following the announcement of the “New Mecca” project under the auspices of King Abdullah, plans have been revealed that there are plans for up to 60 skyscrapers to be towering above the Ka’bah, overshadowing it with the selling point ‘with Ka’bah view’. The Al-Madinah Gate and the Badr Gate side door entrances have been dwarfed by the main gates to Masjid Al-Haram and distastefully named ‘The King Fahad Gate’ and ‘The King Abdul Aziz Gate’ -so as to imply ‘to come closer Allah (SWT), you must first go through the gates of the King’.

The Truth about Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is socially Islamic in some minor aspects and politically secular. There are a handful of individuals and even some scholars that like to conflate the two issues of accounting the Saudi Arabia Regime and the Two Holy Mosques so they can accuse those who enjoin good and forbid evil of disrespect and irreverence to the Holy Lands. To ponder about the betrayal of the Saudi Arabia King to our Ummah and to the Two Holy Mosques reveals that nothing could be further from the truth.

Regrettably the scholars of today have fallen short of the example set by Ahmed bin Hanbal and Ibn Taymiyyah who between them faced torture and imprisonment for speaking the truth against the ruler. Nevertheless we should assume with their status as scholars that they are sincere in their aims and that instead they are used by the Saudi Arabia regime as opposed to intentionally backing tyrants, which historically speaking, rings true about the dubious birth of the Saudi Arabia Regime’s rise to power via the misuse of Imam Abdul Wahab’s teachings. It is unfortunate that a minority of respected Ulema around the world, most if not all who reside in or have studied in Saudi Arabia State funded universities, have continued to support the view that King Abdullah neither bears the responsibility of a Khalifah, and therefore is not required to implement Islam in its entirety – nor is it permitted to believe that he is an illegitimate ruler that needs to be removed. They demand the obedience of a Khalifah and the unaccountability of a tyrant. This convenient position bizarrely allows King Abdullah to transpose ahadith and ayaat related to obeying the Khalifah and misuse these evidences to legitimise the Monarchical Kufr system of the Saudi Arabia regime. One such example of this is when they cite the Prophet (SAW):

“Obey them as long as they establish the prayer amongst you”. They said, “Shall we not make war against them with our swords?” He (SAW) said, “No, as long as they pray.”

This hadith suggests that so long as the ruler prays and allows people to pray, then he is a legitimate ruler according to Islam and therefore it would be un-Islamic to rebel against such a ruler. In fact, there are many ahadith that discuss the same matter within the same context and are equally as authentic:

 “Obey them as long as they establish the prayer amongst you. (Obey them) in that which you like and dislike”.

In the book Nitham-ul-Hukm it states:

As for the ruler of dar-al-kufr, his reality is completely different. He is not the Imaam of the Muslims, though he is their ruler, and he has not been appointed in the lawful manner as the Shar’a stipulates, and he never committed himself to establishing the Islamic rules in their life, even though it was an obligation upon him. When we also look at our reality, we find that it is not enough to bear arms in the process of change. The issue has gone beyond the changing of the ruler to the issue of ruling by Islam.

What is meant by establishing the prayer is to rule by Islam that is to implement the rules of Shari’ah. This is because the whole of Islam is denoted here by naming part of it (baab tasmiyatul kul bi ismil juz’a). This is common in Arabic, for instance Allah (SWT) says: “To free a neck” [4:92] which means to free the slave i.e. all of him and not just his neck. In this Hadith he (SAW) said: “As long as they establish the prayer among you.” This means the establishment of all the rules not just the prayer and is a figurative form (kinayah) where basically the part is mentioned to refer to the whole. These Ahadith clearly make the point that it is possible for the Imam to make a mistake, forget or disobey. Despite this, the Messenger of Allah (saw) has ordered the obedience to him as long as he governed by Islam and no open Kufr occurred from him and he did not command with sin.

When we look to Saudi Arabia as a government it is not difficult to realize that it fundamentally contradicts Islam in a Qat’i (definitive) manner which is open kufr. As for evidence for Kufr Bawah (open Kufr) it is like trying to find a haystack amongst a needle. Let us consider the facts about the Saudi Arabian Regime:

  • Being part of the United Nations – every member of which has to agree with international law set by the UN. This puts the law of man above the law of Allah. It is well known that Saudi Arabia is a member of the UN. According to article 92 of the UN constitution, the International court of Justice (ICJ) is the main Judicial branch of the UN. The ICJ performs its duties based on a system that is part of the UN constitution and must be respected and approved by every member state. Article 94 states “Every member of the UN is to submit to the ICJ in any case in which he is a part.”
  • Accepting the legitimacy of the different nation states in the Muslim world – this is clear by the fact that they are part of the OIC and Arab League and have ambassadors in these different countries. This is definitely prohibited from ahadith which are Mutawatir (definitive) in meaning and the Ijma of the Sahaba.
  • Legalizing the Riba based banking system.
  • Allying with the Kuffar against the Muslims – Saudi Arabia besides being an open ally to America, which is an open enemy to Islam and Muslims, allowed America to use it to attack the Muslims of Iraq in the Gulf wars. America also has a military base in Saudi Arabia which is well known.
  • Totally abandoning Jihad by considering itself as non-expansionist nation state – these matters fall under the category of legalizing the haram and therefore are open kufr.
  • Regional agreements, recognising other puppet regimes.
  • The Fahd plan and Israel, The Fahd Plan recognised the 1967 borders and therefore a two state solution. The Prophet Muhammad (saw) said in an authentic hadith “Whosoever gives away a hand span of Islamic land, Allah will grant him an equal hand span in Hell”.
  • Bailing out the banks and rescuing America during the height of the economic crisis.
  • The system of observing banks issued by the King’s edict is not based on the financial regulations setup by the Shar’a.
  • The law of reviving the dead land used to be implemented according to Islam, where if a person works a piece of land that becomes his. This was the case until an edict was issued declaring the nullification of this Islamic law starting from 1987 onwards.
  • The system of marrying non-Saudi Arabian women.
  • The general rule for taxes, approved by the king’s edict is not based on the Shar’a.
  • In Saudi Arabia, as in other states, in addition to Shari’ah courts there are civil courts or courts that rule by man-made laws. As stated earlier, they do not call them civil courts, so as not to shock the Muslims there or embarrass their scholars who are the biggest pillars of the state. In Saudi Arabia, man-made laws are introduced through legal forums councils and committees, such as Dewan of Mathalim (council of injustices). These forums are equal to civil courts in other countries.
  • Scholars of Saudi Arabia refer to the civil courts in other countries as Kufr, but dare not say the same about these councils. These legal forums address issues that are not part of Shari‘ah, such as cases of Riba, forgery, bribes, etc. These councils are composed of Sheikhs and lawyers, from colleges such as the Sorbonne, who pass verdicts according to certain articles and edicts which are not Islamic. For example, military courts are placed under a special Dewan called Dewan of Military Courts. In it, Saudi Arabia uses man-made laws called “the System of the Saudi Arabia Arab Army” issued on 11/11/1366 AH. This system is a combination of Shari’i and non-Shari’i law which are exclusive to military personnel.
  • As for the punishment for theft, which they claim is subject to Islam, it is not implemented. It is known that the Islamic punishment for theft is cutting off the hand, whether the thief is a civilian, soldier or the Khaleefah himself. In “the System of the Saudi Arab Army” chapter 8 article no.12 states, “The officers and the soldiers who steal something that belongs to other officers and soldiers or their moneys, and the item is consumable, then the thief is to pay its value, if consumed, and be imprisoned for a period ranging from a month and a half to three months…” Are the laws of Islam applicable to some people and inapplicable to others? What is the rule of Islam regarding legislating a punishment other than what Allah has revealed?
  • Saudi Arabia takes and gives Riba. Whoever takes a stroll near the Haram will see the British-Saudi Arabia Bank, American-Saudi Arabia Bank, Arab-National Bank, the Cairo-Saudi Arabia Bank, etc. These banks with their Riba transactions are allowed to operate in accordance to Section B, article 1 of the Saudi Arabia law, issued by the king’s edict no.M/5 in 1386 AH. On the one hand they needed the Shar’i courts, at least to keep up the farce, and at the same time they needed their banks. To resolve this conflict, Shar’i courts were prohibited from interfering in such cases under the “Specialisation” law (articles 20 and 21 from chapter 3 of the System of Saudi Arabia Arab Army).
  • Saudi Arabia and its Riba based relations with GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) Article 22 of the Unified Economic Agreement stated, “The member states coordinate their financial monetary banking and increase cooperation among monetary establishments and the central bank …” It’s clear that the Saudi Arabia Regime deal with interest since banks and monetary establishments are based on Riba.
  • The Arab Monetary Fund, based in Abu Dhabi, is a huge Riba institution that was established by an agreement on 4/7/76 in Morocco. Saudi Arabia is the biggest share holder in it; it receives, as everyone else in the Fund, Riba of an average of 3.2% on its shares. It is worth mentioning that Saudi Arabia has the 6th largest share and power of rate. It had 3.5% of the total shares which enabled it to occupy a permanent seat in the executive board.
  • Is the International Law taken from the Book of Allah (SWT) and the Sunnah of His messenger (SAW)? What or who is Saudi Arabia submitting to? The UN, which was created to counter Islam, or Islam? Saudi Arabia is not merely a member of the UN. It is a pioneer in supporting the UN. Some even go the extent of saying that it was one of the founding members. In a speech given by the then foreign minister, prince Faisal bin Abdul Aziz, in 1945 in the San Francisco conference, he said: “…Let us abide by the principles which we wrote here on paper… and let this constitution be the basis on which we will build our new and better world.”
  • Saudi Arabia is not only a member of the Arab League, but it is one of the founders of this nationalist organisation. Article 8 of the Arab League Constitution states, “Every participating member of the League must respect the established ruling system of the other participating states in the League, it should consider it as a right of these states and obligate it self not to do any action that is aimed at changing their systems.”

Saudi Arabia’s Acceptance of Man-made law

It is well known that Saudi Arabia is a member of the UN. According to article 92 of the UN constitution, the International court of Justice (ICJ) is the main judicial branch of the UN. The ICJ performs its duties based on a system that is part of the UN constitution and must be respected and approved by every member state. Article 94 states “Every member of the UN is to submit to the ICJ in any case in which he is a part.” Is the International Law taken from the Book of Allah (swt) and the Sunnah of His messenger (saw)? What is Saudi Arabia submitting to? The UN, which was created to counter Islam, or Islam? Saudi Arabia was a founding member of the United Nations and continues to be an active member of the United Nations which is founded upon man-made law. Every member has to accept international law – which are obviously not based on the Quran and the Sunnah. This in itself makes it Dar al-Kufr as they are referring to manmade laws instead of the Shariah of Allah (swt).

It should be clear that whether the population of the land is majority Muslim or not irrelevant in terms of considering it Dar al-Islam as long as the authority lies with the Muslims. It is mentioned in Sahih Bukhari regarding the city of Khaybar in the Arabian Peninsula. Khaybar at the time of the Islamic State in Medina was known as Dar al-Islam even though all of its inhabitants were Jews. When the Prophet (saw) conquered Khaybar in 7 AH (after Hijrah), and the Messenger consented for them to cultivate their own crops, all of them (i.e. the inhabitants) were Jews. The Prophet (saw) said to them that he had been sent to harvest (i.e. reap the rewards) and not to cultivate. He (saw) subsequently appointed for them governors from the Ansaar (i.e. Muslims), and they lived amongst them (i.e. the Jews).

The necessity to rule by Islam comprehensively and not to differentiate between prayer and any other law of Allah SWT) that we are commanded to implement was understood by the Salaf. Abu Bakr (RA) said, “Obey me as long as I obey Allah (SWT) regarding you, and if I disobey Allah (SWT) then I have no right of obedience over you. For indeed I am a follower and not an innovator.” He (RA) also said: ‘By Allah! I will fight whoever differentiates between salat and zakat , for zakat is a lawful right upon the property!’ – Sahih Bukhari Volume 2, Book 23, Number 483

A Bedouin came to Umar (RA) and said to him: “O Umar (RA), fear Allah (SWT).” One of the people sitting with Umar (RA) got up and he was ready to hit the Bedouin and said: “Somebody like you say to Amir Al Mu’minin fear Allah (SWT)?” So Umar (RA) said:” Leave him, there is no good in you if you (the Muslims) don’t say it and there is no good in us (the rulers) if we don’t hear it.” If only we had a ruler like this today instead of the traitors who rule over us with such ignominy.

Sadly some of the scholars have gone as far as to prohibit speaking about the public acts of munkar by a ruler and even protesting against them on the weak basis that they are legitimate rulers. After breaking the myth of King Abdullah as a Islamic authority, we can clearly see the fatawa are actually putting our Ummah to sleep and preventing the resumption of the Khilafah as are the wishes of the treacherous rulers in the Muslim lands and the West.

Solidarity for our Ummah & Working for Real Change

It is well known that the Two Holy Mosques (Al-Haramain Al-Sharifain) are not like any other building; they are the Houses of Allah (SWT). Underneath the marbled bricks and mosaic tiled walls, there is a prophetic mission and at the peak of the glossy minarets soaring towards the sky, there lies echoes of a call. If the Ka’bah could speak out about the state of our Ummah and the company it keeps, what would it say? This is its soul. The Masjid would never speak out of place from what has been revealed in the Quran and Sunnah. Unfortunately its so called custodian is at odds with the very soul of the Masjid. The Masjid cries out for our help, it is asking for something more than its expansion and more than just its beautification – it is calling for the Khalifah of our Ummah to emerge and unify us and be our shield against our enemies and to place the Kiswa (cloth) over the Ka’bah and remove the mark of the Saudi Arabian regime forever. Every US president in recent times has vowed that they will not allow an ‘Islamic Caliphate’ so it is strange that King Abdullah described the friendship between Saudi Arabia and the US as ‘ilal abad’ which means ‘forever’. Hizb ut-Tahrir has always maintained that the West and their puppets in the Middle East are working tirelessly to delay the resumption of the Islamic way of life, Al-Khilafah, and the Saudi Arabian King is no different in his subservience to the US. The control of the Haramain was always under the Khilafah. It is a symbolic thing. The emerging Khilafah will always aspire to be complete symbolically and the Saudi Arabian King knows it.

The illegitimate rule of King Abdullah is clearly the “Custodian of the White House” in America and not of our Ummah and therefore an obstruction between our Ummah and the efforts for change. Only the return of the Khilafah can replace these rulers and systems and look after the affairs of Muslims. The removal of this oppressive Kingship will herald the return of the Khilafah on the way of the Prophethood. Our Prophet (SAW) said:

“There will be Prophethood for as long as Allah wills it to be, then He will remove it when He wills, then there will be Khilafah on the Prophetic method and it will be for as long as Allah wills, then He will remove it when He wills, then there will be biting Kingship for as long as Allah Wills, then He will remove it when He wills, then there will be oppressive kingship for as long as Allah wills, then he will remove it when He wills, and then there will be Khilafah upon the Prophetic method” and then he remained silent. (Ahmed)

Dear Brothers and Sisters let us believe and work for what we know is possible and what Allah (SWT) has promised. Only the defeatist mind would accept and call for anything less than the Khilafah for the Muslim world. Let us defend against the malicious attacks on Islam by the West and counter this by calling for the Khilafah system that Tawhid demands of us. Let us be inspired by our brothers and sisters across the oceans and let us inspire them in return. Let us share the pain when our counterparts are in pain. Let us shoulder the responsibility by choice when it is thrust upon our brothers and sisters by force. Only to Allah (SWT) belongs the Nasr (victory) and the Thawaab (reward), we have only to reach out and earn our share of the reward by making a stand in the relative lap of luxury whilst our Ummah stands in the face of poverty and despair.

The Messenger of Allah (SAW) said, “Allah will roll up the heavens on the Day of Resurrection, then He will hold them in His Right Hand and will say, ‘I am the King. Where are the tyrants? Where are the arrogant ones?’” (Sahih Muslim)

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