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Current Affairs

Pro Voting Muslims vs. Anti Voting Muslims

May 19, 2014 |

The elections in the UK are almost upon us, and many Muslims are once again having the same reality-defying optimism; namely, that voting really will change the system, laws and injustices of British politics.


It … Read More

Enslavement of a Man

May 17, 2014 |

There is no worse enslavement of a man, than convincing him that he owns his own chains.


Imagine, if you will, that your family home was invaded and occupied by armed gangsters. While they were there, they … Read More

United in our Identity

April 26, 2014 |

It seems there’s a hot topic of discussion taking place amongst Muslims today, huge amounts of thought and awareness built upon practical suggestions for change. Analysis about what’s gone wrong and clear detailed solutions on how to fix … Read More

The Feminist criteria replacing Allah’s Qur’an

April 3, 2014 |

The Feminist Furqan (criteria) replacing Allah’s Furqan (Quran)

Oh dear, predictably, another public Muslim feminist, has just denied Quran’s (4:176) inheritance laws apparently under the guise of not needing to take them literally due to highly speculative ‘maqasid ul sharia’ … Read More

Al-Nawawi: A Lesson in Time and Devotion to Knowledge

March 29, 2014 |

Imam Ibn al-`Attar, one of the main students, servant and close associate of Imam al-Nawawi, studying with him for many years and gaining expertise in the Shafi`ite school, reports the following regarding his teacher:


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Capitalist Myths: Don’t feed the Poor

March 22, 2014 |

Gates’ Foundation Annual Letter – 3 myths that block progress for the poor


The annual letter from the Gate’s foundation, set-up by the software-billionaire turned philanthropist Bill Gates, made interesting reading.


Since … Read More