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Aim Higher

Aim Higher
Siyasah Press

“We don’t target civilians”

I’m sick of Israeli lies

Why so many children with bullet holes right between their eyes?


Looking up lifeless

More victims of Israeli violence

Freed from lives of suffocation in a humanitarian crisis


‘Hamas hides weapons’

Is that why these kids die?

Limp bodies in playgrounds still holding money for their rides?


Or is it the Israeli policy of targetting the innocent?

Bombed from air, land and sea – collective punishment


Target children playing football on a beach

‘Most moral army on Earth’ doesn’t practice what it preach


Yet another funeral procession

Guaranteed to escape mention

Especially since MH17 has got the world’s attention


Parents grieve, they outlived their children

They don’t care now if Israel kills them

They cry out in pain to Allah,

Ya Rabb! Ash-shaheed habibullah!


No chance for them to say goodbye

Even Israel admits the Torah says an eye for an eye


White phosphorus, flechette bombs, artillery shells

Turn Gaza into what seems like a living hell


Another day. Another temporary ceasefire broken

Most moral army on Earth? You must be joking


‘Israel wants peace, it’s all Hamas’ fault’

Like a rapist accusing the victim of aggravated assault


‘Don’t blame us. Hamas use human shields’

Is that an excuse to turn Gaza into a killing field?


Israel tell us to evacuate when there’s nowhere to run

Then they target innocents running with their loved ones


Killed by falling masonry if the missiles don’t get you

They even target ambulances that come to the rescue


Target funerals and graves and first responders

Target you through GPS so switch off the phone transponders


Babies in maternity die from power cuts

Their deaths ignored – the mass media has no guts


Even if Hamas hid weapons in the homes of civilians

How can that ever justify carpet bombing 1.8 million


panicked and terrified innocent refugees

trapped between Israel, Egypt and the deep blue sea?


‘We don’t occupy Gaza’. ‘We left in ’05’

Israel built prison walls to trap civilians inside


With a siege that’s run since ’07

Forget Hamas for a second.

If you lived in Gaza would you pick up a weapon?


Even a stone against IDF troops in tanks?

To defend your malmourished family and your refugee camp?


Is it better to live on your knees or to die on your feet?

Every Gilad Shalit brings Israel closer to defeat


66 years of illegal occupation

You’re heartless if you don’t join in with the condemnation


Israel started this with ethnic cleansing in ’48

Displaced 700,000 Arabs to make their own state


Invaded Gaza in ’08, 2012 and 2014

Hamas stopped most rockets, that’s what ceasefire means


But Israel didn’t stop the siege or stop stealing the land

Airstrikes in June this year were all part of the plan


Yet another ceasefire that Israel’s betrayed

To provoke Qassam rocket fire so it could invade


Build public support and public rage

To flatten Gaza and invade for days


Pin the blame on Hamas for 3 kidnapped Jews

Watch Israeli mobs kidnap and burn innocent youths


Destroy the new Unity Government of Fatah and Hamas

To maintain the status quo and diplomatic impasse


While the US, UK and UN mouth excuses

Deep down everybody knows exactly what the truth is


Israel will steal even more land while the silent world watches

And invade next year blaming more homemade Hamas rockets


Is it really enough to highlight the evil?

Do we think highlighting evil will liberate the people?


No, we should all be working for Muslims to unite

1.5 billion, nuclear armed, let’s see who wants a fight


Now you might think that’s unlikely, unrealistic

You might be an geopolitical analyst with facts and statistics


but know that victory is promised to the believers

That an Islamic Army will take Israel to the cleaners


Israel is weak, has no strategic depth

Who cares if it has advanced weapons from the West


if the men holding them have no heart?

If bottle rockets and stones can tear their economy apart?


Israel claims God gave them the promised land

but the IDF fear fighting Palestinians hand-to-hand


Any other nation on Earth would’ve quit already

In Gaza, despite the death toll their eimaan is steady


Israeli public opinion wavers whenever a soldier dies

Cowards don’t sound like they have the Almighty on their side


They love life, fear death

We’ll defend Gaza even if nothing’s left


Boycotts are good, paint Israel as a pariah

but if Allah (SWT) Grants results why don’t you aim higher?


That Egypt opens the border at the Rafah Crossing

So that civilians can escape all the death and bombing


Go further, that Muslim soldiers defy their orders

That Israel sees Islamic armies at its borders


That Israel quits at the first chance it gets

Begging for mercy, quoting history and Islamic texts


The world watches stunned as al-Aqsa is liberated

All over the world the victory is celebrated


It’s clear the only way to stop Israel is with an army for an army

What? I’ll speak the haqq, I don’t care if they harm me


By Hassan Chowdhury


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